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Montenegro, often called the “Pearl of the Mediterranean,” offers a wealth of travel opportunities. Prepare to be awestruck by its magnificent views and charming towns, as well as its rich European history and natural wonders, including 73 km of beautiful beaches. Whether you’re a culture enthusiast or an adventure seeker, Montenegro has something for everyone. Its stunning coastline promises tranquility, while its medieval fort towns and seaside churches offer a glimpse into its fascinating past. 

With some of the world’s most beautiful beaches along its 295 km coastline, Montenegro is an ideal destination for those seeking real estate investment or a memorable Balkan getaway. Explore our guide to the best beach in Montenegro for your travel style to make the most of your Montenegrin experience.

Top Luxury Beach in Montenegro

Originally a 15th-century village, Sveti Stefan became a glamorous holiday spot for stars like Marilyn Monroe. Now a celebrated hotel resort, this tiny islet is a popular tourist destination. The public beach at Sveti Stefan offers excellent views of the quaint, red-roofed buildings and winding streets. It’s a great option if you enjoy combining white sandy beaches with luxury hotels.


Best Beach in Montenegro for Ladies

Heading southeast from the crowded Mala Plaža in central Ulcinj, you’ll discover a series of charming rocky coves, each with its own beach bar. Ladies Beach is a tranquil, women-only retreat, unlike other bars that blast music. Known for its high sulfur content, the water is believed to enhance fertility, but most women visit to unwind without male attention. For the town’s predominantly Muslim women, it’s a peaceful escape to relax.


Best Beach in Montenegro for Families with Small Children

Velika Plaža, located just southeast of Ulcinj, stretches impressively for 12km, making it Montenegro’s longest beach. Despite its beautiful setting, the shallow water is not ideal for swimming but is perfect for toddlers and kitesurfers. In summer, Belgrade’s trendy crowd flocks to a cluster of makeshift beach bars at the southern end, each with kitesurfing schools. After a day on the beach, dine at one of the outstanding fish restaurants overlooking the Bojana River.


Top Secluded Beach in Montenegro

Murici tops the list of Montenegro’s best inland beaches, known for their pristine beauty. This serene beach offers a rural vacation experience amidst abundant wildlife and stunning mountain ranges near UNESCO-designated Lake Skadar. You can unwind by the tranquil lake, take a boat trip, or enjoy a hearty meal featuring local specialties such as fish and Montenegrin wines. The 500-meter beach is one of the best places to spend a peaceful day, surrounded by darting fish and untouched nature. With a location tucked away from the main tourist routes, the area’s tranquility gives the lake and beach a serene, secluded atmosphere, making it a perfect retreat for those seeking Montenegro’s peaceful countryside.

Best Beach in Montenegro for a Lively Atmosphere

Jaz Beach, one of Montenegro’s longest and most vibrant beaches, is a bustling activity, music, and movement hub. It’s famous for hosting the annual Sea Dance Festival, a live music concert that draws numerous visitors each summer. With its clean, pebbly shores, the beach is dotted with cafes and restaurants. It’s also a prime destination for water sports enthusiasts, offering numerous activities such as surfing, waterskiing, and windsurfing.


Best Exclusive Beach in Montenegro 

As API Investment, we have been crafting luxury developments in Montenegro, which doesn’t stop at property development. We proudly introduced Royal Blue Beach to the Montenegrin shoreline in 2022. Our concept was to create an inclusive space, and the positive response we’ve received confirms that we’ve achieved that goal. Our beach features an exclusive entry with deluxe sun lounging and sea access. Our top-notch bar offers a unique menu with 12 new, authentic cocktails that have been a real hit. Impeccable service is our priority, and we host music events at least three times a week throughout the season.

Royal Blue Beach’s proximity to the city center makes it an ideal destination, especially for tourists arriving at or departing from the bustling Tivat International Airport, just 5 minutes away. While Tivat is the primary airport for beachgoers, it is also known for occasional delays, making a nearby resting spot like Royal Blue Beach beneficial. Inspired by Porto Montenegro’s landscape, our beach club features a beautiful port accommodating speedboats and smaller vessels. This port offers travelers an alternative to land taxis, helping them avoid traffic when heading to the airport. Guests can also arrive in style by speedboat, adding a touch of Montenegrin flair to their visit.

Your Dream Accommodation to Visit the Best Beach in Montenegro

Now that you have a taste of Montenegrin beach life, you will need a luxurious place to stay. Our exclusive seafront hotel, the Royal Collection, offers excellent connections to local airports while offering luxury condo accommodation.
For those interested in being landlords without the hassle of finding tenants or property upkeep, Montenegro-serviced apartments offer the perfect solution. Developed by API Investment, a leading property investment organization, this unique strategy provides over 50% better returns than residential rental properties. Your property will be maintained as part of the Royal Town Kotor project, and we will handle the promotion to find reputable tenants. Plus, you can enjoy the luxury lifestyle of our apartments when you visit the best beach in Montenegro. 

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