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Montenegro Residency for Foreigners – An Up-to-Date Guide

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Montenegro Residency for Foreigners – Whether you’ve chosen to live in Montenegro for its favorable tax regime and potential EU accession or fell in love with its beauty and people during a holiday, you’re in luck. Montenegro offers a straightforward and cost-effective process for obtaining legal residency, which is much easier than in many other countries. Two main ways to obtain legal residency in Montenegro are buying real estate or opening a company.

The government recognizes the role of immigration in driving economic growth and offers incentives to overseas investors, including the option of obtaining residency through investment. Getting Montenegrin residency is fairly simple; buying a property instantly entitles you to apply. If you’re intrigued by the prospect of living in this stunning country, our guide below outlines how to obtain Montenegro residency through investment.

Montenegro Residency Overview

The Act on Registers of Temporary and Permanent Residents, last amended in 2008, governs legislation regarding residency in Montenegro. The law outlines the application process, required documents, and rights associated with Montenegrin residency.

Key points include:

  • Any foreign citizen, excluding Montenegrin citizens, can apply for residency.
  • Temporary and permanent permits are available. 
  • Permit holders must have a registered place of residence in Montenegro.
  • The Permanent Residence Registry in Montenegro maintains information about permit holders, including ID numbers, personal details, occupation, education level, and family information.

Additionally, under family reunification, corporate representatives and overseas workers can apply for residency on behalf of their immediate family members, including spouses and children under 18.

For permanent relocation, Montenegro offers a citizenship-by-investment program. The program does not require applicants to be physically present during the application process, nor must they reside in the country. 

How to Get Montenegrin Residency as a Foreigner

With its stunning landscapes, rich history, and welcoming atmosphere, Montenegro is an attractive destination for many foreigners seeking residency in Europe. Whether you’re drawn to its beautiful coastline, charming old towns, or vibrant culture, obtaining Montenegrin residency can be relatively straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the Montenegro residency application process:


1. Choose the Right Residency Permit

Montenegro offers several residency permits, each with its requirements and benefits. The most common options for foreigners include:

    • Temporary Residency Permit: This permit is typically valid for one year and is renewable annually. It’s suitable for those who wish to stay in Montenegro longer without becoming permanent residents.
    • Permanent Residency Permit: This permit is ideal for those looking to settle in Montenegro in the long term. It’s typically valid for ten years and can be renewed indefinitely.
  • Residence Permit by Investment: Montenegro offers a residency permit to individuals who invest in approved real estate projects in the country. This option provides a faster route to residency for anyone able to make a significant investment.

2. Meet the Requirements

To qualify for a residency permit in Montenegro, you’ll need to meet specific requirements, which may vary depending on the type of permit you’re applying for. Common requirements include:

  • A valid passport
  • Evidence of how you will financially support yourself and any dependents
  • Health insurance coverage
  • A clean criminal record
  • Proof of accommodation in Montenegro

For the residence permit by investment, you’ll need to invest a minimum amount in approved real estate projects, as determined by the government.

Montenegro Residence Permit by Investment

Invest in real estate in Montenegro to become a resident through its residency-through-investment program, designed to attract foreign investors. Understand the requirements and steps involved, including the minimum investment amount, which varies based on property location and type. The popularity of this program can be seen in the number of investors using it to gain a foothold in Europe, taking advantage of Montenegro’s beautiful landscape and growing economy. Initially, you will likely receive temporary residency, which can be extended if you maintain your investment and comply with residency regulations.

Montenegro Residence Permit Requirements:

  1. Investment: Make a qualifying investment in Montenegro. The most common options are:
    • Real Estate: Invest in approved real estate projects, with a minimum investment of €250,000 in the northern and central regions or €450,000 in the coastal area.
    • Government Fund: Contribute €100,000 to the government’s Development Fund for underdeveloped areas.
    • Business Investment: Invest €1 million in a business that creates at least ten jobs in Montenegro.
  2. Additional Requirements: You must provide proof of funds and health insurance and undergo a background check.


  1. Investment: Make the qualifying investment in Montenegro. OR;
  2. Property Purchase: Find a property for sale in Montenegro and complete the purchase process.
  3. Residency Application: You must submit a residency application to the Ministry of Interior within the first 30 days of entering Montenegro.
  4. Document Submission: Provide the required documents, including proof of investment, proof of funds, health insurance, and a clean criminal record.
  5. Residence Permit: Upon approval, you will receive a temporary residence permit, which can later be converted into a permanent residency card.


  • Residency: Obtain residency in Montenegro for you and your family.
  • Visa-Free Travel: Enjoy Schengen Zone visa-free travel for 90 days within a 180-day period.
  • Tax Advantages: Residents can benefit from Montenegro’s favorable tax regime, which does not include an inheritance or wealth tax.
  • Quality of Life: Enjoy Montenegro’s beautiful landscapes, mild climate, and rich cultural heritage.
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The Perfect Property for Montenegro Residency

As API Investment, we have been developing properties for sale in Montenegro in the most sought-after regions. So, if you are looking for an ideal investment in Montenegro real estate, check out Royal Town Kotor, our latest luxury apartment complex, following our successful project, Royal Blue Montenegro. This brand-new complex offers cutting-edge design and deluxe amenities, with beautifully decorated studios and apartments. Enjoy top-notch shared facilities like an infinity pool, yoga studio, relaxation area, and sports facilities.

Montenegro Real Estate Investment

API Investment Opens Your Door to a Montenegro Residence Permit

Obtaining Montenegrin residency as a foreigner opens endless opportunities, from exploring the country’s natural beauty to experiencing its unique culture. Whether through property purchase or investment, obtaining residency in Montenegro can provide a pathway to a high quality of life and various benefits for you and your family. By following the process outlined above, you can easily navigate the residency application process and enjoy all that Montenegro offers. Contact our professionals to begin your next adventure with a profitable investment and residence in Montenegro’s most promising location!

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2024 is The Year to Buy a Home in Montenegro

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2024 is a promising time to consider buying a home in Montenegro. With a growing economy, favorable market conditions, and the allure of its natural beauty, investing in property in this Balkan gem offers both financial and lifestyle benefits. Whether for investment, vacation, or relocation, Montenegro’s real estate market presents a compelling opportunity for buyers in 2024.

Montenegro’s Economy is on the Up

Montenegro’s real estate market is rising, offering a chance to benefit from its growing economy. It is poised to rival major European tourist coastlines like the French or Italian Riviera. The limited availability of short-term accommodations is a challenge for tourists but a boon for investors, guaranteeing attractive passive income from rented apartments. 

Montenegro’s confident local businesses signal a buoyant economy, likely leading to more jobs and higher incomes. This upbeat outlook drives up property demand, making it an excellent time for investors to profit from rentals and potential property value appreciation.

Inflation in Montenegro

The IMF forecasts Montenegro’s inflation rate to be 16.7% over the next five years, averaging 3.3% annually. This expected inflation makes it an excellent time to consider buying property for later resale at a profit.

High inflation can benefit property investors because:

  1. Property values tend to rise, leading to potential capital appreciation.
  2. Inflation can result in higher rental rates, increasing cash flow.
  3. It reduces the actual value of debt, making mortgage payments more affordable.
  4. Real estate can hedge against inflation, preserving investment value.
  5. Diversifying into real estate provides stability during inflationary periods.
  6. Tax advantages, like depreciation deductions, can offset inflation’s impact.

Local Population is Becoming More Affluent

When buying real estate, consider population growth and GDP per capita because:

  • A growing population means more potential tenants or buyers.
  • Higher GDP per capita indicates a greater ability to pay for housing, potentially increasing property value.

In Montenegro, GDP per capita has grown by 6.7% over the last five years, a positive trend. This growth suggests that buying a seaside property in Kotor for rental purposes could be lucrative, as more tenants with sufficient funds are likely to seek such properties. The rental demand in Montenegro’s cities like Podgorica, Budva, Kotor, or Tivat may increase in 2024.

Tourism and Rental Potential

Montenegro’s growing tourism industry presents an opportunity for property buyers to generate rental income. The country’s popularity as a travel destination, particularly along the stunning Adriatic coast, ensures a steady stream of tourists seeking accommodation.

How much does it cost to buy a home in Montenegro?

Property prices in Montenegro vary widely depending on the location, size, and property type. In popular coastal cities like Budva, Kotor, or Tivat, prices can range from €2,000 to €5,000 per square meter for apartments and even higher for luxury properties or those with sea views. Inland areas and smaller towns generally have lower prices, with some properties available for under €1,000 per square meter. It’s always best to check current listings or consult with local real estate agents for the most accurate pricing information.

Can I get a Montenegrin residency or citizenship by purchasing real estate?

Yes, Montenegro has a residency program for real estate investors. Buyers who meet particular requirements, such as property value and investment amount, can apply for residency, offering an additional incentive to global investors. However, the Montenegrin citizenship scheme by property investment ended on December 31, 2022. Purchasing real estate no longer qualifies you for Montenegrin citizenship.

Are there additional costs to consider when you buy a home in Montenegro?

When buying a home in Montenegro, there’s a 3% transfer tax in both the primary and secondary markets, but the developer pays it in the primary market. Notary fees range from 1000 to 2000 euros, and court interpreter fees are 50 to 70 euros. Annual property ownership tax is 0.25-1% of the property’s cadastral value. Renting out a property incurs a 9% capital gains tax on overall earnings.

How much does it cost to maintain property in Montenegro?

The cost of maintaining a property in Montenegro varies based on the property’s location, size, and condition and the level of services and amenities you wish to keep. However, here is a general idea of some typical costs:

  1. Property Tax: The annual property tax in Montenegro ranges from 0.25% to 1% of the property’s cadastral value, depending on its location.
  2. Utilities: Monthly utility costs for water, electricity, heating, and waste disposal can vary but are typically around €100-€200 per month for an average-sized apartment.
  3. Maintenance Fees: If you own an apartment in a complex with shared facilities (such as a swimming pool, gym, or gardens), you may need to pay monthly or annual maintenance fees. Depending on your property’s facilities and size, these can cost between €50 to €200 monthly.
  4. Insurance: Property insurance costs can vary but are typically around €100-€200 per year for an apartment and higher for a house.
  5. Property Management: If you employ a property management company to oversee your property, you may incur additional costs, typically around 5%-10% of the rental income.
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Can foreigners buy land in Montenegro to build property?

Yes, foreigners can buy land in Montenegro to build property. However, certain restrictions and regulations apply to foreign land ownership, especially agricultural and forest land. Foreigners can buy land plots in Montenegro following the same procedures as locals. Individuals can purchase plots up to 5,000 m2. For plots larger than 5,000 m2, you must open a company to make the purchase. It’s advisable to consult with a local lawyer or real estate expert to understand the rules and requirements for purchasing land in Montenegro as a foreigner.

Can a foreigner get a mortgage in Montenegro?

Yes, mortgages are available to foreign nationals in Montenegro through the country’s banking system. Non-residents can apply for property loans, though they must meet certain conditions and requirements. Banks such as Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka (CKB), Hipotekarna Banka, and Erste Bank are among those in Montenegro that offer mortgages to foreigners. It is best to contact these banks directly for detailed information on their offerings and requirements. 

Mortgage rates in Montenegro for a 20-year term typically range from 3% to 7%, providing borrowers with favorable conditions for obtaining housing loans. We suggest checking the historical Montenegro Bank Lending rate to understand your future payments better if you’re considering a variable interest rate loan.

RoyalTownKotor (1)Montenegro Real Estate Investment

Are there installment options for buying Montenegro real estate?

Yes, if you buy property directly from the developer off-plan before the completion of the project. For example, our long-term, flexible, and customized payment plans with 0% interest at Royal Town Kotor allow you to buy a home in Montenegro without breaking the bank. We even offer attractive prices for off-plan pre-sales. Our project features a range of luxury apartments for sale in Montenegro, ensuring there’s an ideal option for every budget.


Buy a Home in Montenegro with API Investment

As API Investment, we have been developing properties for sale in Montenegro’s most desired locations since 2017. We proudly present our project at Royal Town Kotor, the epitome of luxury living just 12 minutes from a private harbor boasting gourmet restaurants and shopping. These serviced apartments offer unrivaled views of the Adriatic Sea and mountains, setting a new standard for international luxury real estate in Montenegro.

When you buy a home in Montenegro through us, you can enjoy exclusive amenities such as an infinity pool, wellness facilities, and a private beach club, all within a secure, 24-hour-managed property. Whether you seek a superb location, a holiday retreat, or a hassle-free income, Royal Town Kotor delivers. Plus, with an international airport just minutes away, convenience is at your doorstep.

Discover Montenegro’s natural beauty and economic potential by investing in a home in Kotor. Contact our advisors today to learn more about how to buy an apartment in Montenegro.

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Montenegro’s EU Accession: The Pathway to Prime Property Opportunities

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Montenegro is about to embark on a revolutionary path seeking membership in the European Union. This significant development will profoundly impact various facets of the country’s economy, including the real estate market. At API Investment, we closely monitor Montenegro’s EU accession journey as it presents an excellent opportunity for our real estate projects in Montenegro and our potential investors. This article will explore how Montenegro’s accession to the European Union is poised to reshape its real estate market.

Positive Shifts with Montenegro EU Accession

Increased Investor Confidence

The Montenegro EU accession process has instilled a new era of investor confidence. As the country aligns its legal, political, and economic systems with EU standards, it becomes a more appealing destination for foreign investment. This confidence extends to the real estate sector, where investors perceive a stable and secure market for their capital. The prospect of Montenegro’s EU accession provides strong assurances of property rights and legal protections, making the real estate market more attractive for local and international investors.

Foreign Direct Investment Surge

With Montenegro’s EU accession progressing, foreign direct investment (FDI) is expected to surge, leading to increased activity in the property market. Institutional and individual investors will likely view Montenegro as an attractive destination for their capital. This influx of investment is anticipated to drive up demand for residential and commercial properties, consequently pushing property prices higher.

Enhanced Economic Stability

EU accession typically entails significant public administration, judiciary, and financial governance reforms, fostering a stable economic environment that encourages growth. With improved economic stability, the real estate market benefits from increased demand for residential, commercial, and hospitality properties. Montenegro’s compliance with EU regulations will make property investments more reliable and lucrative, attracting even more international buyers.

Infrastructure Development

EU membership is typically coupled with significant investments in infrastructure, such as transportation networks and public services. Montenegro is making rapid infrastructural advancements as a prospective EU member, which is encouraging for the real estate sector. Enhanced infrastructure makes various regions in the country more accessible, directly impacting property values. This improvement can unlock the potential of previously underdeveloped regions, increasing property values and investor appeal.

Tourism Boost

Montenegro boasts breathtaking landscapes, from its stunning Adriatic coastline to majestic mountains, making tourism a vital sector of the economy. Montenegro EU accession is expected to significantly boost tourism as the country aligns its industry with EU standards, attracting more visitors. This will increase demand for vacation properties, hotels, and holiday rentals, potentially driving up real estate prices in tourist-centric regions.

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Take Advantage Before Montenegro’s EU Accession 

High-end real estate developments promise an economically rewarding future following Montenegro’s EU accession. The thriving resort at Royal Blue Montenegro and our recently unveiled project at Royal Town Kotor sit perfectly in this category as luxury serviced apartments in prime Montenegrin locations. Thanks to API Investment, finding the appropriate Montenegro property for sale has never been easier. 

Royal Town Kotor offers beautiful apartments in an ideal location with breathtaking views and easy access to top-notch amenities. Our furnished apartments feature elegant wooden floors, well-equipped kitchens and bathrooms, and spacious walk-in wardrobes, offering a cozy atmosphere for travelers. Thoughtful design enhances sensory and visual experiences, exemplified by stunning pool and lawn views for enjoying breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Real estate investment in Montenegro enables you to benefit from this expanding market with the potential for exceptional capital growth after the accession of Montenegro to the European Union.

Secure A Real Estate Investment in Europe 

Montenegro’s path to EU membership anticipates positive improvements in various industries, with the real estate industry standing out as a key winner. The increase in investor confidence, economic stability, infrastructure development, tourism boost, and diversification of real estate offerings all contribute to a more robust and dynamic real estate market in Montenegro. 

Montenegro is on the verge of a real estate revolution, and the future looks bright for buyers and investors in this stunning Balkan country. As API Investment, we have established a one-of-a-kind investment plan that generates more than 50% greater profits than purchasing Montenegrin real estate for a residence. Once the Montenegro EU accession is complete, the value of real estate in Montenegro will soar, so don’t miss the chance to secure an incredible overseas property now.  Contact us for further details on this exceptional investment opportunity.

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Are Serviced Apartments a Good Investment? Your Questions Answered

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While buy-to-let investment traditionally caters to long-term rentals for individuals or families, other lucrative opportunities exist to explore. Investing in serviced accommodation offers an alternative to the conventional rental market. With the right property and, crucially, the right location, it can yield impressive returns on investment. As property professionals, our goal is to offer our clients market-leading opportunities. Let’s delve into investing in this niche market to answer the question, “Are serviced apartments a good investment for me”? 

What are Serviced Apartments?

Serviced apartments are fully furnished for short-term or long-term stays. They have amenities similar to a hotel, such as housekeeping, room service, and concierge services. However, they also offer the convenience of a kitchen, living area, and separate bedrooms, making them ideal for travelers looking for a more home-like experience.

Why Are Serviced Apartments a Good Investment?

#1 They Appeal to Everyone

A high-end location, like our apartments at Royal Town Kotor and Royal Blue Montenegro, attracts guests from diverse demographics, including business travelers, digital nomads, and tourists. Repeat short-term tenants, such as business travelers, are more likely to return to the same property, reducing downtime in your annual booking calendar.

#2 Flexible Rental Contracts Work in Your Favor as a Landlord

Having the flexibility to rent out your property for short- or long-term stays can be highly advantageous, especially if your home is near a popular tourist destination. This flexibility allows you to capitalize on peak seasons by charging higher prices for short-term stays, increasing your overall revenue.

#3 High-End Amenities Attracts High-End Renters

Serviced rooms frequently have luxurious amenities and cutting-edge home technology. For example, they may provide extravagant amenities like a shared infinity pool, an activity center, or on-site wellness studios. All of this makes this high-end serviced accommodation extremely desirable to potential customers.

Benefits of Investing in Serviced Apartments

#1 Steady Income

One of the primary advantages of investing in serviced apartments is the potential for a steady income stream. Unlike traditional rental properties, which may experience vacancy periods, serviced apartments are often in high demand, especially in popular tourist or business destinations.

#2 Higher Rental Yields

Serviced apartments typically command higher rental yields than traditional rental properties. As they can be rented out nightly or weekly, investors can charge premium rates, especially during peak seasons.

#3 Lower Vacancy Rates

Due to their popularity among travelers, serviced apartments tend to have lower vacancy rates than traditional rental properties. Lower vacancies mean more stable rental income for investors.

#4 Hands-Off Investment

Another benefit of investing in serviced apartments is that a professional management company often manages them. So investors do not have to deal with the day-to-day management of the property, making it a more passive investment option.

#5 Potential for Capital Appreciation

Like any real estate investment, serviced apartments have excellent potential to appreciate over time, which can lead to a considerable profit on investment when the home is resold.

Considerations for Investors

#1 Location
The location of the serviced apartment is crucial to its success as an investment. Properties located in popular tourist or business destinations attract more guests and earn higher rental rates.
#2 Regulatory Environment
Getting familiar with the regulatory environment governing serviced apartments in their area is essential. Some cities may restrict short-term rentals, which could impact the viability of the investment.
#3 Operating Costs
While serviced apartments can generate a steady income stream, investors should also evaluate the overheads associated with the property, like maintenance, utilities, and management fees. These expenses can have an impact on the total profit of the project.
#4 Market Demand

Investors should assess the market demand for serviced apartments in their chosen location. Factors such as tourism trends, business travel, and competition from other accommodation options can all impact the property’s occupancy rates and rental yields.

How Profitable are Serviced Apartments?

Short-term rentals in popular destinations list at higher nightly rates. Depending on local market demand, serviced apartments can generate 30% higher monthly rent than long-term rentals.

What are the Returns on Serviced Apartments?

Investing in serviced accommodation can yield significantly higher returns compared to long-term lets. Average yields from serviced accommodations typically range between 6 and 10%, achieved through much higher rental revenue, as the property rents on a nightly basis.

Where Can I Invest in Serviced Apartments?

Finding a property investment opportunity in an emerging market is a great way to ensure you make the best out of investing in serviced apartments. Montenegro is emerging as a sought-after luxury destination, and the rise in demand for quality accommodation makes this the perfect time to act. A residence in one of the world’s most active and culturally significant regions is a major advantage of investing in Montenegrin real estate.

You can also apply for Montenegrin residency by investment by purchasing serviced accommodation, allowing you to receive extra perks overseas. Montenegro’s tourism industry is thriving, attracting visitors from around the world drawn to the Mediterranean lifestyle and the unmatched friendliness of the locals in this Balkan nation.

API Investment Offers Luxury Serviced Apartments for Investment

Following the remarkable success of Royal Blue Montenegro, our first luxury serviced apartment complex in Montenegro, we are excited to introduce our newest development at Royal Town Kotor. Our elegant serviced apartments offer you and your guests a luxurious residence. Additionally, with the tourism industry booming in Montenegro, purchasing property here presents a fantastic financial opportunity.

How Can I Manage My Serviced Accommodation?

Where there’s a demand, there’s a service opportunity! If you have answered yes to the question “Are serviced apartments a good investment?” but prefer not to take on the roles of a chambermaid, booking agent, and estate agent all at once, don’t worry. There are professionals who can manage these aspects for you. As API Investment, we provide comprehensive rental management and service solutions to maximize your income. Let us handle every aspect of renting out your unit, allowing you to enjoy the benefits hassle-free.

Yes, Serviced Apartments ARE a Good Investment

Look no further than API Investment for a serviced apartment investment in Montenegro. Our innovative concept allows you to invest in European real estate and enhance your portfolio with a premium property in Montenegro. Given its imminent EU membership, this is an excellent time to invest in Montenegro. By investing in Montenegro real estate, you can also obtain a residency permit or work permit. Our specialists will guide you on the best course of action and handle all procedures and formalities on your behalf. 

If you’re considering whether serviced apartments belong in your investment portfolio, we’re more than happy to discuss the pros and cons of your situation. Contact our advisors today at API Investment to explore the business opportunities in Montenegro.

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All You Need to Know About Living in Montenegro: 2024 Expats Guide

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Montenegro, hidden along the Adriatic Sea, is a truly undiscovered gem that appeals to explorers and those seeking a peaceful lifestyle. Moving to a new nation may be an exciting and challenging experience. If you are considering living in Montenegro, you are in for a treat. This little Balkan country has gained popularity as a growing destination for individuals searching for a perfect mix of breathtaking natural vistas, a colorful past, and a laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle. In this article, we will look at the appeal of living in Montenegro and the special characteristics that make it a growing favorite for expats and global citizens looking for their new Eden.

What Do I Need to Know About Life in Montenegro?

Montenegro might have caught your attention due to its favorable tax regime or as part of your long-term plan to obtain a European Union passport. You might also view it as a promising real estate investment. Regardless of your strategic considerations, you likely have some questions. What does life in Montenegro look like? What is the cost of living in Montenegro? Are there other expats or digital nomads in Montenegro? As API Investment, we researched the responses to these concerns and are pleased to share them with you here.

A Welcoming Environment for Living in Montenegro

Living in Montenegro entails adopting a more leisurely way of life and a coveted Mediterranean lifestyle. Montenegro has an improved standard of living at a lesser cost than most Western European countries. Montenegro’s property sector varies, ranging from picturesque stone cottages in old towns to contemporary apartments with sea views, such as those available at our brand-new upscale complex in Royal Town Kotor. The country’s attractive tax laws and visa programs, especially the Montenegro Residency by Investment Program, have attracted international investors and expats looking to settle in this outstanding region.

living in montenegro - api- investment-2024 expat in monteengro

Is Montenegro Safe?

Thanks to its low crime rate, Montenegro is considered a safe place to live. Violent crime, in particular, is relatively uncommon compared to other countries. The US State Department rates Montenegro as a level 1 country, indicating that it is safe for travel and residence. However, like anywhere, it’s wise to take basic precautions for safety, like staying alert in crowded or touristy places and looking after your belongings.

Residency in Montenegro

The Montenegrin government incentivizes overseas investors through its excellent Montenegro residence by investment program, recognizing immigration as a driver of future economic development. Obtaining residency is straightforward: purchasing a developed property automatically qualifies you to apply. Like other golden visa options, the program requires a €250,000 purchase of an approved property development scheme, a €100,000 donation to the Montenegrin government, and application and processing fees.

Cost of Living in Montenegro

The cost of living in Montenegro is quite affordable compared to other European countries. Estimated monthly expenses for a single person are around €650, while for a family of four, it’s approximately €1,700. Whether you’re working or retired, your money will stretch further here.

Compared to the UK and the USA, the cost of living in Montenegro is significantly lower. Rent, for example, is 60% to 70% lower than in the UK and the USA. While prices may vary between cities, overall, living expenses in Montenegro are relatively low.

Healthcare in Montenegro for Foreigners

Public Healthcare in Montenegro

Mandatory contributions from both employees and employers fund Montenegro’s public healthcare system. As an expat and a legal resident employed in the country, you can contribute to this fund, granting you access to the public healthcare system and its essential medical services. Remember that the public system still has limitations, including facilities, waiting times, and language barriers.

Private Montenegro Healthcare for Expats

If you’re an expatriate in Montenegro, you’ll find that the private healthcare sector has seen remarkable growth, providing access to specialized and efficient medical services. Private clinics and hospitals, primarily located in major cities like Podgorica and coastal towns favored by tourists, are well-equipped and staffed by English-speaking healthcare professionals. 

Cost of Healthcare in Montenegro 

Expats in Montenegro have two main healthcare options. The first is enrolling in the public system, which requires residency or a temporary residence permit. This can be cost-effective for long-term stays. The second option is private health insurance tailored for expats. Plans like those offered by Uniqa provide coverage for private healthcare facilities without needing residency, ensuring prompt access to medical services. 

The annual cost of private health care is approximately 300 Euros. However, many expats pay as they go since a doctor’s visit typically costs around 25 euros, and you can get most medicines for less than 10 Euros.

Education in Montenegro for International Residents

Expats can enroll their children in local schools when living in Montenegro. However, a challenge arises due to the predominant language of instruction, Montenegrin. This might be especially problematic for older children unfamiliar with the language. As a result, many expat families prefer to enroll their children in international schools. These schools adhere to international curricula, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the British Curriculum, and provide English or other language education. Knightsbridge Schools International in Tivat and QSI International School of Montenegro in Podgorica are outstanding examples of international schools in Montenegro.

Banking in Montenegro for Expats

Owning a bank account in Montenegro is essential, especially if you plan to buy property in Montenegro or explore business opportunities there. Most large banks offer convenient online banking, reducing the need for frequent branch visits. ATMs are widely available, and card payments are accepted in many places.

Foreign nationals, including expats, can open bank accounts in Montenegro, even if they are non-residents. Banks offer two types of accounts: national accounts for local transactions and international accounts for transfers in and out of the country. Most banks offer free transfers between these accounts, making them ideal for foreigners and Montenegrins involved in international business or travel. With many nationwide branches, low-interest rates, and multi-currency accounts, NLB Banka Podgorica and CKB are favorable options for expats living in Montenegro. 

What is the Expat Community like in Montenegro? 

If you plan on living in Montenegro, you will naturally seek other people who have made the same bold move. Tivat boasts a vibrant expat community, making it a hub where English is widely spoken, and you’ll find more diverse dining options, including an Asian restaurant. The town also hosts frequent expat and nomad meetups, offering a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers. Herceg Novi, on the other hand, is beloved by expats for its intimate expat community, abundant sunshine in winter, picturesque 7km coastal promenade, and stunning mountain backdrop. In contrast, Budva has a significant Russian-speaking expat population but fewer English speakers. 

While digital nomad meetups and events are not as prevalent as in other countries, this is likely to change with the introduction of the new Montenegrin digital nomad visa. The capital city, Podgorica, is currently the best place in Montenegro for digital nomads. Although the community is still developing, Podgorica offers numerous coworking spaces and cafes catering to remote workers.

Where is the Best Place to Live in Montenegro?

The Bay of Kotor is one of Montenegro’s most desirable places to live for several reasons. Its stunning natural beauty features dramatic mountains framing a tranquil bay, creating an unmatched picturesque setting. The region boasts a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers, ideal year-round. Steeped in history, charming medieval towns like Kotor and Perast offer a glimpse into Montenegro’s rich cultural heritage. 

The bay’s strategic location also provides easy access to the Adriatic Sea and rugged countryside, offering diverse outdoor activities from sailing and swimming to hiking and exploring. With its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and recreational opportunities, living in Kotor offers an exceptional quality of life in Montenegro.

At API Investment, we’ve successfully developed a complex of luxury apartments in Tivat with our first Montenegro real estate project, Royal Blue Montenegro. We offer international clients Montenegro real estate investment opportunities through our serviced rental apartments in Tivat. But we’re not stopping there! Our second upscale development, Royal Town Kotor, is currently in progress, and you can take advantage of pre-launch deals. This new luxury apartment complex in Kotor features cutting-edge design and deluxe amenities. It offers numerous studios and apartments, all with beautifully decorated interiors.

Your New Life in Montenegro Awaits

Now that you’ve learned all about living in Montenegro, it’s time to think about your next steps for exciting opportunities in the country. If you’ve been captivated by everything life in Montenegro has to offer, you’re likely interested in accessing the Montenegro real estate market. The dedicated team at API Investment is here to assist you! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the perfect Kotor apartments for sale and a plan to start a new life of Montenegrin wonder. Contact us today to begin your dream of living in Montenegro.

Montenegro Real Estate Investment

Unlock The Potential of a Montenegro Real Estate Investment

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With its breathtaking scenery, advantageous investment climate, and strategic location, Montenegro is the place to find fantastic real estate opportunities for domestic and international investors. The burgeoning tourism industry in Montenegro further enhances the prospects for property investment returns whether you are looking to buy-to-rent or own a second home. At API Investment, we have become seasoned experts in the Montenegrin property market. We are bringing you this article to unveil why a Montenegro real estate investment is a surefire winner and some key factors influencing the market for potential investors to consider.

Tourism Drives the Need for Montenegro Real Estate Investment

Montenegro has earned recognition from the World Tourism Council as the fastest-growing tourism destination over the past decade. This accolade is particularly evident in the Kotor-Tivat Bay area, which has become a focal point for the real estate market. Offering breathtaking natural beauty, stunning views of the Adriatic, and unique mountain landscapes, properties along the shoreline hold irresistible appeal for potential buyers.

In February 2023, Montenegro experienced a remarkable surge in overseas visitors, marking a 52.2% year-on-year increase, with approximately 38,391 tourists gracing its shores. This surge in tourism is part of a more significant trend that has been steadily building over the years, underscoring Montenegro’s growing appeal. Between 2011 and 2021, the country witnessed nearly doubling tourist arrivals, from around 1.19 million to 2.34 million visitors. This substantial growth has enhanced Montenegro’s reputation as a sought-after destination. It has also played a pivotal role in boosting its economy, positioning tourism as one of the fastest-growing sectors.

The thriving tourism sector is excellent news for prospective buyers as the increasing influx of tourists means demand for accommodation will continue growing and, in turn, enhanced Montenegro real estate investment returns.

RoyalTownKotor (1)Montenegro Real Estate Investment

Investors Benefit from a Montenegro Residency Permit

Investing in Montenegro’s real estate offers the opportunity to obtain a renewable residence permit annually. It fulfills the dream of many to build a life in this promising country, and your path to a tranquil lifestyle is just one property purchase away.

Montenegro’s real estate sector has experienced significant activity in recent years, partly due to the state’s support for granting residence permits to investors. Additionally, the government’s attractive tax incentives further drive growth in the real estate market. Considering the economic stability and favorable conditions, Montenegro stands out as the most prudent choice for real estate investment in the region.

Montenegro Real Estate Prices are on an Upward Trajectory

In Montenegro, the residential real estate market is poised to soar, with projections indicating a valuation of US$17.15 billion by 2024. Forecasts suggest a steady annual growth rate of 5.69% from 2024 to 2028, culminating in a market volume of US$21.40 billion by 2028.

The synergy of a robust tourism sector and a scarcity of high-quality rental properties set the stage for a lucrative opportunity for buy-to-rent investors in Montenegro. Rental yields in the country can be notably competitive, particularly in sought-after tourist destinations such as Budva, Kotor, and Tivat. Astute investors benefit from a steady rental income stream by accommodating holidaymakers, business travelers, and residents, thus ensuring a reliable cash flow.

Montenegro is a Luxury Destination

While Montenegro has long been a hidden gem cherished by seasoned travelers, locating it on a map may prove challenging for the uninitiated. Nonetheless, the country strategically employs a two-pronged approach to manage its growth as a luxury destination on the international stage. On one front, a wave of luxury resorts and accommodations has recently emerged or is currently in development. Simultaneously, an expanding ecotourism industry capitalizes on Montenegro’s awe-inspiring natural beauty, drawing high-end international travelers. 

Montenegro’s compact size and strikingly diverse terrain contribute to its allure. Here, one can seamlessly transition from lounging on pristine beaches in the morning to carving through ski slopes within a few hours. Montenegro boasts remarkable diversity despite its diminutive dimensions, particularly in outdoor pursuits. The country offers an extensive array of world-class activities set against the backdrop of UNESCO-endorsed European historical sites, enriching the experience. 

Now, the question arises: where can you find the top luxury real estate in Montenegro?

Montenegro Real Estate Investment

The Best Luxury Real Estate in Montenegro

While there are a range of Montenegro real estate investment options to suit various budgets, the key lies in securing a luxury property brimming with opportunities at affordable prices. At Royal Town Kotor, we allow you to own a home that embodies the luxury of a hotel, complete with spectacular views, all while enjoying the comfort of your own space at a reasonable cost. This is our second project in the area, following our Montenegro real estate investment options at Royal Blue Montenegro, a sell-out project in the thriving Tivat region. 

At API Investment, a leading professional property investment firm, we’ve developed a distinctive investment strategy that consistently outperforms traditional residential rental properties, delivering over 50% higher returns. As part of our comprehensive Royal Town Kotor management package, we ensure that your property remains impeccable, allowing you to reap hassle-free rewards.

With our expert marketing strategies, finding reputable tenants for your apartment becomes effortless – relieving you of any rental concerns if you choose to use your investment as a buy-to-rent strategy. Additionally, when you visit Montenegro, you can indulge in the luxurious lifestyle offered by our apartments. Our project at Royal Town Kotor will be completed in 2025, and if you want to get ahead of the crowd for an unmissable Montenegro real estate investment, now is the time for action.

Your Montenegro Real Estate Investment is Just One Call Away

Montenegro real estate investment presents an enticing opportunity for property seekers looking to capitalize on the country’s economic growth, tourism potential, and favorable investment climate. The stunning natural landscapes and infrastructure development initiatives in the luxury sector offer a conducive environment for Montenegro real estate investment. With API Investment as your trusted partner, you can tap into Montenegro’s burgeoning real estate market and unlock the potential for long-term financial rewards. Reach out to our investment experts today to explore your options.

Discover Kotor’s Beauty at Royal Town Kotor

Kotor’s allure lies not only in its stunning landscapes but also in its rich cultural and historical tapestry. Whether you’re an avid history buff, a nature enthusiast, or someone seeking a tranquil retreat, Kotor has something to offer, making it a must-visit destination on any travel itinerary. As you explore these 13 Kotor attractions, you’ll uncover the layers of Kotor’s past and present, leaving you with unforgettable memories of this Adriatic gem. Embark on this unique experience by contacting us today, and let Royal Town Kotor be your gateway to luxury living in Montenegro.

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13 Must-visit Kotor Attractions: Unveiling a Legendary Destination

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Tracing the Adriatic Sea in the picturesque country of Montenegro, the ancient town of Kotor is an enigmatic jewel that captivates tourists with its rich history, breathtaking surroundings, and captivating architecture. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Kotor boasts many attractions that appeal to history enthusiasts, nature lovers, and adventure seekers alike. From medieval fortifications to serene bays, you will discover a plethora of Kotor attractions that make it a must-visit destination. Here are the 13 best Kotor attractions that will leave you enchanted.

What is Kotor Best Known For? 

Kotor is known for two distinctive features. Firstly, it boasts a well-preserved medieval Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The labyrinthine streets, charming squares, and historic buildings showcase various architectural influences, including Venetian, Romanesque, and Byzantine styles. Secondly, Kotor sits at the mouth of the Bay of Kotor, or Boka Bay, a stunning fjord-like bay surrounded by mountains. The dramatic scenery, with its deep blue waters and picturesque landscapes, adds to the town’s allure.

Top 10 Kotor Attractions

#1 Kotor Old Town and Trg od Oružja (Arms Square)

Begin your journey through Kotor attractions by exploring its UNESCO-listed Old Town. Wander through little cobblestone lanes, admire beautifully preserved medieval buildings, and discover hidden squares. Trg od Oružja, translated as the “Square of Arms,” is a prominent public square in the heart of the Old Town of Kotor, Montenegro. This historic square is integral to Kotor’s UNESCO World Heritage Site designation, which recognizes the city’s cultural and architectural significance. 

The square has served various functions throughout history, acting as a central meeting point, a marketplace, and a venue for public events. Whether strolling through the square, appreciating the architectural marvels, or simply sipping coffee at one of the cafes, Trg od Oružja stands as a focal point that encapsulates the spirit and heritage of Kotor.

#2 St. Tryphon Cathedral

Dedicated to Saint Tryphon, the patron saint and protector of the city, the cathedral is one of Kotor’s most famous and intriguing historical landmarks, dating back to the 12th century. The cathedral has three naves, and its architecture reflects the influence of various eras, making it a fascinating site for art and history enthusiasts. As a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture, you can marvel at its intricate carvings, impressive frescoes, and the sense of spirituality that envelops this iconic landmark.

api-investment-13 Must-visit Kotor Attractions- Unveiling a Legendary Destination

#3 Bay of Kotor

Frequently touted as Europe’s southernmost fjord, the Bay of Kotor is a spectacular marvel of nature surrounded by steep mountains. Take a boat tour to fully experience the stunning scenery and visit the charming coastal villages along the way.


#4 Our Lady of the Rocks (Gospa od Škrpjela)

A short boat ride away from Kotor, the man-made island of Our Lady of the Rocks is home to a stunning Catholic church and is one of the most iconic Kotor attractions. Legend has it that the islet was formed by locals who threw stones into the sea after discovering a sculpture of the Virgin Mary on a rock.

#5 Sveti Djordje Island

This miniature island harbors an exquisite 12th-century monastery and church as Montenegro’s paramount cultural and historical treasure. In addition to its profound cultural significance, Sveti Djordje beckons visitors with its inviting shores and pristine waters, making it a dream destination for swimming and sunbathing. Numerous beaches fringe the island, offering opportunities to bask in the sun amidst crystal-clear waters.

Accessing the island is an adventure as visitors embark on a boat journey from the charming nearby towns of Kotor or Perast. Sveti Djordje promises a glimpse into Montenegro’s past and an idyllic escape surrounded by natural splendor.

#6 Kotor Maritime Museum

Delve into Kotor’s maritime history at the Maritime Museum, housed in the Grgurina Palace. Exhibits include model ships, ancient navigation tools, artifacts, and displays that showcase the city’s maritime legacy.

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#7 Kotor Clock Tower

Admire the distinctive Clock Tower that dominates Kotor’s skyline. High on the list of Kotor attractions, the clock tower was constructed in the 17th century. It is a distinct example of Renaissance architecture, featuring elements of both Venetian and local styles. Above the clock, a bell tower houses the town’s main bell, historically used to signal important events, such as the opening and closing of the town gates. The Kotor Clock Tower is also known for its astronomical clock, which displays the position of the sun, moon, and stars. The clock is a testament to the town’s historical interest in astronomy and timekeeping.

#8 Napoleon’s Theater

Step back in time at Napoleon’s Theater, an 18th-century gem (one of the oldest in this part of Europe) tucked within the city walls. Admire the neoclassical architecture and imagine the performances that once graced its stage. The theater hosts various cultural festivities and performances throughout the year.

#9 Kotor Fortress (Castle of San Giovanni)

Take a challenging but rewarding hike to the Kotor Fortress for panoramic views of Kotor and its surroundings. The Castle of San Giovanni traces its origins back to the Illyrian era, with its initial construction dating to that ancient period. The castle has endured a series of ownership transitions and has resiliently withstood the impact of severe earthquakes throughout its storied history. The views from the top are well worth the effort and offer breathtaking photo opportunities.

#10 Pima Palace

Explore the Pima Palace, a noble family residence turned museum that is one of the most intriguing Kotor attractions. The Pima Palace is a pinnacle of architectural splendor on Muchnaya Square in historic Kotor. This magnificent edifice, once the residence of the illustrious Pima family, embodies beauty and historical significance. The Pima family, which thrived between the 14th and 18th centuries, was instrumental in defining the city’s vivid narrative.

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What to do in Kotor for Local Culture

#1 Kotor’s Summer Carnival

If your visit coincides with the Summer Carnival, immerse yourself in the festivities at the most lively Kotor attractions. The streets burst into life with lively parades, resounding music, and a kaleidoscope of vibrant costumes, offering a distinctive and exhilarating experience that captures the spirit of celebration.

#2 Kotor Farmer’s Market

Immerse yourself in local culture by strolling through Kotor’s vibrant market and sampling fresh produce, handmade crafts, and regional delicacies, gaining insight into the daily life of the town’s residents.

#3 Kotor Art Festival

If timing permits, experience the Kotor Art Festival, an annual event celebrating various art forms, including music, theater, and visual arts. The festival brings the town to life with cultural performances and exhibitions. 

Your Haven for Exploring Kotor Attractions

Discover the enchanting Royal Town Kotor, strategically situated for optimal exploration of all the captivating Kotor attractions. Elevate your stay with the high-end facilities at our luxury serviced apartments, ensuring a 5-star hotel experience at a fraction of the usual cost. Nestled eight minutes from Tivat International Airport, our accommodations are ideal for those considering property acquisition or real estate investment in Montenegro.

Not only do our serviced apartments offer proximity to the airport, but they also provide an opportunity to qualify for a temporary Montenegro residence permit when investing in the country’s real estate. Immerse yourself in the charm of top Kotor attractions while enjoying the added advantages of this strategic location.

Montenegro Real Estate Investment

Discover Kotor’s Beauty at Royal Town Kotor

Kotor’s allure lies not only in its stunning landscapes but also in its rich cultural and historical tapestry. Whether you’re an avid history buff, a nature enthusiast, or someone seeking a tranquil retreat, Kotor has something to offer, making it a must-visit destination on any travel itinerary. As you explore these 13 Kotor attractions, you’ll uncover the layers of Kotor’s past and present, leaving you with unforgettable memories of this Adriatic gem. Embark on this unique experience by contacting us today, and let Royal Town Kotor be your gateway to luxury living in Montenegro.

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9 Rewards of Investing in Real Estate Development Projects

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Investing in real estate development projects presents a spectrum of possibilities for savvy investors to cultivate substantial long-term wealth. Yet, limited capital, experience, and time challenges often hinder many potential investors from embarking on their own development ventures. Luckily, a viable alternative exists – passive investing through a reputable developer. This approach involves entrusting your funds to secure a newly developed property at an attractive price while relishing the returns, all while a seasoned developer efficiently manages the project’s day-to-day operations. This article will cover the intricacies of investing in real estate development projects and underscore the lucrative rewards associated with this strategic approach.

Benefits of Investing in Real Estate Development Projects

#1 You Gain a Fantastic Diversification Vehicle 

Real estate development provides an excellent opportunity for diversifying investment portfolios. Compared to traditional assets, real estate is less correlated with other asset types. As a result, investing in real estate development projects can help spread risk and reduce the effect of volatile markets on your portfolio.

#2 You Set Yourself Up for High ROI

One of the primary attractions of investing in real estate development projects is the draw of impressive ROI. Successful development projects can yield substantial profits, especially in areas experiencing rapid urbanization or economic growth. By identifying promising locations and executing well-planned development projects, investors stand to benefit from the appreciation of property values over time.

#3 Benefit from the Growing Demand for Accommodation

The global population is rising, creating an increasing demand for accommodation of all types. Real estate development projects focused on residential properties for short or long-term rent address this demand, providing a stable income stream for investors. 

#4 You Stay in Line with Market Trends

Real estate is deeply intertwined with societal trends and needs. Investors can leverage their understanding of these trends to tailor development projects accordingly. For instance, developments aligned with sustainable practices, smart technologies, luxury living, and wellness features are gaining traction and appealing to environmentally conscious and health-focused consumers.

#5 Profit from Government Incentives and Tax Benefits

Many governments provide incentives and tax breaks for real estate development projects, particularly those aligned with public interests such as affordable housing, urban renewal, or green initiatives. Investors can capitalize on these benefits, enhancing their overall return on investment.

#6 Broaden Your Horizons with International Investment Opportunities

The globalization of real estate markets opens up opportunities for investors to explore projects beyond their domestic borders. International real estate investment projects can offer diversification, exposure to emerging markets, and residency opportunities overseas, but careful consideration of local regulations and market conditions is essential.

#7 Get A Stable Cash Flow

Investing in rental properties within a development project can generate a consistent cash stream through rental fees. This stable cash flow covers expenses, mortgage payments, and other financial obligations. Additionally, as property values appreciate, investors can increase rental rates, further enhancing cash flow and returns.

#8 Own a Tangible Asset with Intrinsic Value

Unlike some financial instruments that derive value from market speculation, real estate is a tangible asset with inherent value. Land and developed properties have intrinsic worth, making real estate a stable and resilient investment, even during economic downturns. This inherent value can safeguard against market fluctuations, providing a sense of security for investors.

#9 Hedge Against Inflation

Real estate has historically been an inflation-hedging asset. As the cost of living rises, so do property values and rental revenue. Real estate investments can help preserve and enhance wealth in periods of rising inflation, making it an attractive option for investors who want to safeguard their capital against the eroding effects of inflation.

Due Diligence is Key to Success
Before investing in real estate development projects, you must carefully assess factors that can substantially impact the project’s triumph and your prospective returns. Top considerations encompass:


The prosperity of any development initiative is intricately tied to its geographical placement. Thoroughly investigate local market trends, demographics, and economic indicators to ascertain that the project is strategically positioned for success.

Developer Experience 

The involvement of a seasoned developer can markedly enhance the likelihood of a prosperous outcome. Scrutinize the developer’s track record, expertise, and financial stability to make an informed investment decision.

Project Feasibility

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the project’s features, management, and desirability. This scrutiny is essential to confirm the project’s economic viability and justify your investment.

Montenegro Real Estate Investment

What is the most rewarding real estate niche? 

The market for resort and vacation homes has experienced a boom in recent years in line with the rise of OTA’s like AirBnB and VRBO. A growing interest in acquiring second homes in tourist destinations is evident, fueled by the booming vacation rental industry. Additionally, the surge in remote work opportunities has empowered individuals to carry out their professional responsibilities from virtually any location worldwide. Consequently, there is a noticeable uptick in individuals embracing the “workcation” trend, seeking the perfect blend of work and leisure in scenic locales. So, if you are looking for a high-return real estate niche trending upwards- high-end travel accommodation properties are for you. This niche also allows you access to a wide variety of clients worldwide.


How do I passively invest in real estate development projects?

Partnering with the right development firm is your safest bet for successfully investing in real estate development projects. API Investment has charted an illustrious course within the real estate sector, focusing on a diverse portfolio encompassing residential projects, luxury villa developments, and serviced apartments. Our inception was driven by a vision to deliver unmatched quality, and the triumphant realization of numerous high-caliber projects has defined our trajectory. Our 16 years of experience have strengthened our unwavering commitment to crafting distinctive, visionary ventures in prime locations. 

Our recent real estate development projects in Montenegro have been a thriving success, and we are bringing more to the Montenegrin landscape. At Royal Blue Montenegro, we saw a gap in the Montenegro real estate market and a huge opportunity to build an unprecedented investment offer open to domestic and foreign investors. Following this success, we are well underway on our second large-scale project offering luxury serviced apartments that rent for short-, medium-, or long-term contracts. These apartments at Royal Town Kotor will draw a more comprehensive tenant profile because of their luxury services, so you can easily fill out your rental calendar and recover your investment quickly. 

Join the Exclusive Club of Real Estate Development Investors Today

Investing in real estate development projects offers a myriad of benefits that extend beyond the financial realm. The potential for high returns, portfolio diversification, stable cash flow, tax advantages, tangible assets, and protection against inflation make real estate development appealing for investors looking to build and secure their wealth over the long term. Contact the API Investment experts to start on an investment journey that will take you further than you could have dreamed. 

5 Tips for Finding the Top International Real Estate Companies

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Are you considering diving into the world of international real estate investment? This type of venture can be lucrative, but you must partner with the right company to ensure success. Choosing the right real estate company to guide you through the process is crucial. To assist you in this vital decision-making process, here are five valuable tips aimed at helping you discover the best international real estate companies that align with your unique investment needs.

#1 Research Reputation and Experience

Before committing to any international real estate company:

  1. Take the time to research their reputation and experience.
  2. Look at businesses with an established history of successful transactions and satisfied clients.
  3. Check online reviews, testimonials, and ratings for their reliability and professionalism.

An established company with a history of positive client experiences will likely provide you with the expertise and support needed for successful international real estate investments.

#2 Check for Local Market Knowledge

Global real estate markets can be vastly different from one another. All top international real estate companies should deeply understand the local market in the region in which you intend to invest. This includes knowledge of local regulations, market trends, and potential challenges. Companies with a solid local presence are better equipped to navigate the intricacies of the market, ensuring a smoother investment process for their clients. 


#3 Top International Real Estate Companies Have a Global Network and Connections

The best international real estate companies often have a global network of connections that can benefit investors. A company with a broad network can provide helpful instruction, access to exclusive opportunities, and a diverse range of services. Consider partnering with a real estate firm with established relationships with local developers, legal professionals, and financial institutions. A well-connected company can open doors to unique investment opportunities and streamline the process.

#4 Expect Transparency and Great Communication

Transparent communication is paramount in international real estate transactions. Look for the best international real estate companies that maintain clear and open communication throughout the entire process. A reputable international real estate firm should provide detailed information about potential risks, costs, and expected returns. Choose a company willing to address your concerns and keep you informed at every stage of the investment journey. Transparency builds trust, a crucial element in any successful business relationship.

#5 Ask about Compliance and Legal Expertise

Navigating the legal landscape of international real estate can be complex. The best international real estate companies prioritize compliance with local regulations and possess legal expertise to guide clients through the intricacies of international transactions. Ensure that the company you choose has intricate knowledge of the legal framework in the target country and can provide expert advice on property rights, taxes, and residency requirements. 

Why Invest in International Property?

Investing in overseas property is a pivotal element in any robust diversification strategy. It serves as a reliable safety net, providing resilience against the uncertainties of volatile markets, fluctuating economies, and unpredictable political landscapes. Beyond its protective role, overseas property emerges as a strategic investment capable of delivering capital growth and consistent cash flow, transcending currency boundaries. By diversifying into international real estate, investors fortify their portfolios and open avenues for financial prosperity that span diverse geographic and economic landscapes.

API Investment- One of the Top Real Estate Developers 

API Investment is dedicated to the seamless development and execution of turnkey projects that exemplify superior design and construction quality across various facets of the real estate industry. Our comprehensive services encompass every stage of the real estate lifecycle, including project conceptualization, completion, market analysis, marketing strategies, and facility management. With subsidiaries strategically located in Montenegro, the UK, Turkey, and Spain and a global network of esteemed business partners, we ensure a robust and well-connected presence in the international real estate arena.

Moreover, API Investment specializes in identifying and harnessing international investment opportunities. Our commitment revolves around delivering the most compelling and lucrative investment options to clients worldwide. Organized into three core departments—real estate brokerage, investment consulting, and property management—API consistently strives to meet the diverse needs of our global clientele. Whether you need expert guidance in real estate transactions, strategic investment insights, or efficient property management solutions, API Investment is one of the best international real estate companies to partner with. We are dedicated to your success in the dynamic world of global property.

Our New Innovative Projects in Montenegro

We proudly introduce our incredible new developments in Montenegro’s emerging international real estate market. Located in a prime location along the Montenegrin coast, our hugely successful Royal Blue Montenegro luxury apartments were a sell-out hit, but don’t be dismayed! We are well underway with our newest addition to the stunning Bay of Kotor- Royal Town Kotor. 

Due to its strategic location, Montenegro is conveniently situated within a few hours by plane from most European cities. It offers seamless access to optimal maritime routes for establishing global connections. Our luxury serviced apartments are in the sought-after destinations of Tivat and Kotor, offering high-end living and excellent potential for appreciation as the international real estate market in Montenegro booms. 

Expand Your Horizons Today

International real estate investment offers exciting opportunities, but success hinges on choosing the right company. You can find a company that aligns with your investment goals by prioritizing reputation, local market knowledge, global connections, transparent communication, and legal expertise. Choose API Investment to tick all these boxes and contact our team immediately to get in early on the best international property deals. 

Top Areas for Investing in Montenegro in 2024

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If you’re considering diversifying your portfolio or exploring new investment horizons, Montenegro might be the hidden gem you’ve been searching for. Though small in size, Montenegro has cast a spell on astute investors and forward-thinking business luminaries. Positioned strategically along the Adriatic coast, Montenegro serves as a gateway to opportunities for those eager to venture beyond conventional borders. As we enter 2024, Montenegro presents economic potential, natural beauty, and a favorable business environment. Follow us as we explore how this nation has emerged as an excellent investment hub and the top sectors that can yield lucrative returns when investing in Montenegro. 

The Case for Investing in Montenegro

A Development Story

This nation’s small but open economy fits well with global FDI investment trends, presenting an inviting climate for investing in Montenegro. The country is eager to attract foreign investments, aiming for positive results. The main goal is to boost the production sector, create new businesses, and encourage overall growth and innovation. Montenegro wants more than just money; it aims to establish an environment that supports growth, innovation, and new jobs. With its appeal and strategic position, investing in Montenegro is a pathway for significant economic development.

One of the pivotal stepping stones in Montenegro’s journey is its path to EU accession, accompanied by a generous infusion of EU funding permeating the economy. This financial boost drives an extensive infrastructure investment and upgrade program, encompassing everything from roads and airports to electricity and water systems. The appeal is further sweetened by a remarkably favorable tax regime, featuring a corporate tax rate as low as 9%, coupled with the Euro as the national currency.

Serviced Apartments api-investmen-royal-blue-residences-resort-in-montenegro-1

An Alluring and Unspoiled Location
Montenegro’s tourism and leisure sector is a big deal for the country’s growth. Montenegro is getting much attention thanks to its beautiful nature and rich history. The economy is steadily growing by 3% each year, propelled mainly by the surging demand for tourism, which is growing at over 5% per year. These figures demonstrate that investing in Montenegro is on an upward trajectory.

Montenegro has been brilliant in planning, using a conservative approach to avoid the problems of excessive development seen in other places. This careful strategy keeps Montenegro’s natural beauty intact and gives it a particular advantage – there’s a limit to how much the country can expand due to its unique landscape. Consequently, the current “Lifestyle Developers” generation presents a virtual blank architectural canvas, an opportunity rarely found in development.

The Luxury Lifestyle Appeal

Zooming into the microcosm of Montenegro’s development strategy reveals a fascinating transformation into a luxury destination. Porto Montenegro, Aman Resorts, Regent Hotels, and Chedi Hotels spearhead this re-branding initiative, showcasing the country’s undiscovered “Wild Beauty” to the world. At the heart of this evolution lies the concept of “Development Clusters,” acting as the linchpin in the niche, luxury growth model.

In this meticulously balanced dance between demand and supply dynamics, particularly in the high-end product spectrum, investing in Montenegro beckons investors with promises of attractive risk-adjusted returns. As the nation redefines itself, it emerges as a development prospect and a canvas for visionary investors to weave the next chapter of Montenegro’s story—one where luxury and nature harmoniously converge.

Popular Sectors for Investment in Montenegro

Real Estate: Seizing the Property Market Potential

The most popular option for investing in Montenegro is real estate. Coastal areas like Budva, Kotor, and Tivat have developed significantly. The government’s commitment to infrastructure projects and the rise of tourism makes investing in Montenegro properties attractive. With enticing incentives for overseas investors, you can explore opportunities in residential, commercial, and even development projects. Additionally, the introduction of Montenegro residency-by-investment programs has further fueled interest from foreign investors.

Tourism and Hospitality: Where Nature Meets Luxury

The tourism sector is booming with luxury resorts, boutique hotels, and adventure tourism offerings. Investing in hotels, resorts, and other hospitality ventures presents a promising opportunity. As the world craves unique travel experiences, investing in Montenegro’s hospitality industry could yield significant returns. With a focus on sustainable tourism, there is potential for long-term growth. 

Renewable Energy: A Green Haven for Investors

Have you ever thought about riding the wave of global sustainability trends? Montenegro might be your next sweet spot. Montenegro is actively working towards enhancing its energy infrastructure, with a particular emphasis on renewable energy sources. The government is all in for renewable energy, paving the way for opportunities in wind farms, solar parks, and other green initiatives. Imagine contributing to environmental conservation by investing in Montenegro and boosting your portfolio. 

Transport and Infrastructure: Connecting Opportunities

As Montenegro continues to develop its infrastructure, there is a pressing need for investments in transportation and logistics. Whether upgrading roads, expanding ports, or improving rail connectivity, you can explore partnerships with the government or private entities involved in these infrastructure developments. These projects aim to enhance connectivity within the country and with neighboring regions, facilitating trade and tourism. 

RoyalTownKotor (1)Montenegro Real Estate Investment

Investing in Montenegro with Royal Town Kotor

Discovering the perfect Montenegro investment property has been made effortlessly convenient, courtesy of API Group. Optimal for buyers in search of an exquisite apartment in an idyllic location with captivating views and convenient access to premium amenities, Royal Town Kotor stands out as the top choice. Aspiring investors worldwide can now acquire a high-end serviced apartment in Kotor. Investing in Montenegro with a real estate purchase presents a gateway to capitalize on a burgeoning market, offering the potential for remarkable capital growth combined with a luxurious second home. 

Take Advantage of the Montenegrin Momentum

This captivating nation, adorned with breathtaking landscapes, boasts a business environment that beckons with promise. From the allure of its tourist havens to the booming Montenegro real estate market, the investment landscape here is ripe for exploration. With its blend of natural beauty and economic potential, it is time to unlock the doors to this emerging market and participate in its transformative journey by investing in Montenegro. Contact our eager advisors today to learn more about our Kotor apartments for sale.

 Invest boldly, and may your ventures in Montenegro be as breathtaking as its landscapes.