Turkish Citizenship

Foreigners whose purchase of real estate worth 400,000 USD or the equivalent, can obtain Turkish Citizenship!

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API Investment Citizenship

There are many companies in the market offering citizenship properties. We are different as we also focus on high-yield properties with rental guarantee returns. Naturally, there are usually two types of investors who seek citizenship properties. 

Investor 1

Investors who want to buy the property to move in and get citizenship.

Investor 2

Investors who want to get citizenship and use the property for investment purposes.

For the number 1 investors, We have a completely different approach as we ultimately have to focus on their lifestyle and family needs. It is essential to understand their criteria to offer them the right property. 

On the other hand, for the number 2 investors, the situation is entirely different. Many number 2 investors make a mistake buying any property to get citizenship, and they end up with very low returns. Let’s give an example of city properties like Istanbul. Property prices went up over 100% in the last three years, but rental yields dramatically shrunk. Average rental returns are less than 3%. We have achieved up to 10% annual returns for our investors for our serviced villas and hotel apartment projects as a company. The logic is simple: Short-term rental schemes bring much higher returns than long-term contract schemes. 

As our group company owns one of the largest villa holiday rental companies in Turkey, we can rent maximum weeks with maximum returns for our investors. So, our investors have no hassle managing the property but enjoy the high returns with professional management and reports. 


Every country has a different scheme for citizenship. Most countries don’t give citizenship directly, but they offer schemes such as Golden Visa. On the other hand, some countries provide citizenship directly with property purchases. For example, Turkey is giving citizenship with a $400,000 property investment. The process takes up to 6 months, and investors can get citizenship also for their spouse and their kids under 18 years old. Golden Visa investment is very popular for the EU countries, and investors can get the golden visa with 350,000€ REAL ESTATE investments in Portugal and 500,000€ Real Estate investments in Portugal. 

So, while we offer serviced villas and hotel apartments in Turkey, we also offer alternative investment products in Spain and Portugal, such as Managed Farmlands. It is a fantastic option for investors as they can achieve returns over 12.5% with managed almond farmlands. 

With over 17 years of experience in the market, API GROUP made many investors happy with hotel apartments, serviced villas, and managed farmlands investments for citizenship. You can have the peace of mind of dealing directly with one of the largest companies in Europe in its field and have your citizenship or golden visa without any hassle. 

Information Form

You can contact us at any time by filling out the form. We will reply to your message as soon as possible.

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