Top Destinations for Property for Sale in Turkey

The wide selection of luxury and affordable homes available in Turkey, including new construction, off-plan, renovated apartments and villas, and resale homes, is one of the main factors driving foreigners’ interest in purchasing real estate in this diverse nation. Countless options range from lavish villas with ocean views to high-end serviced apartments. As a result, buyers can fulfill their dream of finding property for sale in Turkey.  We at API Investment have a wealth of experience and a sizable portfolio of properties for sale in Turkey. However, we know it can be challenging to sort through the opportunities and decide where to start. In this post, we share our knowledge of the most sought-after locations and fantastic prospects for buying property in Turkey as a top local authority.

Where to Buy Property in Turkey

Turkey is a staggeringly big country stretching 81 provinces and eight diverse geographical regions from east to west. As a result, first-time homebuyers eager to learn the finest places for properties for sale in Turkey may feel overawed by the variety of options available, from major cities to remote villages. However, Istanbul, the Aegean Coast, and the Mediterranean Coast top the list. First, the south and west coasts have always been popular travel destinations. Communities are consequently more diverse and less conservative, and living by the sea is, of course, the dream of many. Otherwise, Istanbul offers everything and anything as Turkey’s largest city, but working expats and foreign real estate investors are particularly interested in the city’s ongoing modernization projects.


Turkey’s architectural styles are transforming, and Bodrum is leading the way. Homes, businesses, and recreational facilities are now created by some of the nation’s top architects, making them functional, cozy, technologically advanced, and landscape-integrated to maximize sea views. In addition, Bodrum’s national reputation as the cradle of a hedonistic culture draws hordes of creative types, including writers, spiritualists, and celebrities. This means Bodrum is a hub for properties for sale in Turkey.

Bodrum has promoted uniqueness for many years, putting enjoyment and fun at the center of a life worth living. In addition, it draws sailors and yachting lovers from all over the world as a central hub of the Turkish Riviera. So, if you are planning to spend some time in your property in Bodrum and rent it when you are not there, you can be sure that you will have plenty of high-end rental clients.

In addition to the town center, the Bodrum peninsula has other smaller seaside resorts, each of which has unique qualities that appeal to various societal levels. For example, Yalikavak, a former little fishing village and well-liked expat resort that has evolved into a sophisticated hub for yachting clients of the billionaire Palmarina, is one of their favorite locations. At the same time, Gundogan’s traditional atmosphere draws a lot of retired foreigners. See our breathtaking property for sale in Yalikavak and our property for sale in Gundogan


Despite being the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul has excellent potential. Attracting professionals and buy-to-let investors are ongoing infrastructural projects, the modernization of transportation hubs, and Istanbul’s third airport. Istanbul serves as the center and the backbone of the Turkish real estate market, drawing investors from throughout the globe. Many people are keen to profit from the extensive construction outside the city. The neighborhood culture is focused on onsite amenities and services, such as the gym, swimming pools, parks, and stores, and emphasizes modern living with the newest architectural trends. Istanbul is leading the way with high-end residences which incorporate all the amenities for this community-style living. The great news if we have a vast selection of properties for sale in Istanbul that fit this model. 

Istanbul is known for having high investment value and is the top city in value across all industries, particularly in the real estate industry. According to real estate surveys published by Turkey’s official authorities, the rate of increase in Istanbul’s real estate values in 2021 was 95%, and the worldwide real estate firm Knight Frank kept track of Istanbul’s ranking as the ninth-highest global investment value. So what more can we say?


Turkey’s second most popular tourist destination after Istanbul, Antalya draws tourists with its pleasant climate, high immigrant population, and relaxed way of life. Antalya is a varied and eclectic city known for being the most popular tourist vacation spot for over 50 years. Alanya, Kalkan, Side, and Belek are the areas in Antalya that attract foreign investment the most.

The heart of the city also provides the best of both worlds at your fingertips, from affordable street food to some of the finest cuisine prepared by renowned chefs. Shopping can be as inexpensive or expensive as you like, and walking to the harbourside can quickly slow down the city’s fast-paced nightlife. This location is rather scenic and has two sizable beach communities, distracting from the hustle and bustle, so don’t allow the fact that it is a city to turn you away. But, of course, being the center of the province, it goes without saying that everything and anything is at your fingertips, including easy access to the airport, which is the second busiest in Turkey and has a full year-round flight schedule.

During the previous two years, real estate price growth in the city has ranged from a minimum of 8% to a maximum of 23%. However, due to enhanced tourism, more visitors, and high rental demand rates, rental earnings have consistently risen over the past year. This means properties for sale in Antalya can generate significant returns if you decide to buy to let. 

Benefits of Buying Property in Turkey

Perhaps the most significant advantage of buying property in Turkey is getting a Turkish passport. In addition, with the Turkish citizenship by investment program, expats can become citizens of Turkey in 60 days by investing a minimum of $400,000. Please see our Turkish Citizenship and Residency by investment post for more details.

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