Why Investing in Marbella Spain?


Competitive prices in a growing market

The first reason to invest in property in Spain is the reactivation of the sector. After registering minimum prices in 2015, property value is rising and will continue to do so. However, the price of housing is far from what at the time represented, and it is still far from what is expected to grow. This variable makes todays investment in Spain extremely attractive for foreign investors who want to purchase housing at competitive prices, with potential for high growth in the coming years.

The importance of real estate in Spain has been significant, and continues to be essential, consequently, this leads to opportunities in the right direction for the foreign investor sector.

Even with the Coronavirus crisis the most stable locations in Spain have seen a very small price adjustment.

Excellent geographical location

In a world of globalized economy there is no doubt that geographic location plays an important role when deciding to create businesses or make investments.

Spain, at this level, became undoubtedly one of the best places to start a business or to invest, as it is in a privileged location for operating international businesses.

Spain does not only belong to the EU but also represents a central point of contact with America. Investors cannot ignore as well its proximity to the African continent and the numerous direct connections with all the main European cities.

Major tourist and cultural destination

Nearly 80 million tourists visit Spain each year. With tens of billions of euros in income, Spain is the world’s second country with the most income from this source (only behind the United States) but also Spain generates enormous prestige thanks to its cultural and touristic potential.

Why Marbella?

Location, location and Location!

API Group has been in real estate for almost 2 decades. As a principle we are always sourcing for the best investments in the best locations.

After our research we decided to focus in Marbella on the Andalusian coast of Spain.

Marbella is accessible. With Malaga as its nearest airport Marbella has a direct link to all main capital cities in Europe and the world. Let’s not forget the Gibraltar airport and the easy access to the African continent by ferry only 1 hour away.

Marbella is renowned for many years, it has been and still is the playground for the rich and famous but behind the glitter a real amazing life is happening here.

First of all the environment is stunning, the weather is close to perfect, the fresh food delicious and the infrastructure high quality.

As well as being the meeting point for luxury tourism in the world, Marbella is alive during the off season.

During the past few years more and more expats making a permanent move to the city. Marbella is one of those rare small European cities that is so multicultural. Hosting not less than 10 International schools and High schools it is easy to live and adapt here.

Marbella has a lot to offer. In Marbella you live the best of different worlds. You can enjoy both the luxury of international neighbourhoods and be immerse in the most quality and charming Spanish life.

Whether you wish to relocate and change life or make an investment you will find a suitable investment in the legendary city.

With our knowledge and advice we can direct you and explain you where to invest. The real estate sector offers a mix of resale and new built properties. We are carefully selecting the best locations and properties that will suit all your needs.

Marbella is one of those places that will always be recognised and attract both tourists and investors.

Malaga Airport: 45 min

Gibraltar Airport: 1h10 min

Seville: 2h40 min

Granada: 2h

Sierra Nevada Ski resort: 3h

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