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Are you ready to make a move? Does the thrilling possibility of relocating to Turkey have you contemplating leaving your city or town? When thinking about a significant move, there are several things to plan for. Considerations for working overseas include work-life balance, employment prospects, the cost of living, and a dozen other factors. However, finding a job and earning a living is one of the most critical factors. You will certainly need to make a living, so looking for jobs in Turkey for foreigners is a must.

Turkey, which connects Asia and Europe, is a popular destination for foreigners, especially those in business who want to benefit from its expanding economy. The nation also makes a great place to retire. And with an intriguing fusion of Eastern and Western customs, its culture indeed has something for everyone. In this post, we explore the options for jobs in Turkey for foreigners, Turkish work visa requirements, and benefits you may be entitled to.

Popular Jobs in Turkey for Foreigners

Some foreigners work for major multinational corporations or are journalists and frequently settle in metropolitan areas like Ankara or Istanbul. However, teaching English as a second language is a common choice. Many private schools hire English-speaking foreigners with a TEFL certificate for group and private courses. Other people tend to opt into summer seasonal employment with travel agencies, typically as a hotel or airport representative. This is more like a working vacation. In addition to offering jobs for entertainers, large, all-inclusive hotels also provide lodging, which is an added benefit for employees in this sector.

With the growth of remote working, jobs for foreigners in Turkey can also include work-from-home options. At-home freelancers interested in becoming self-employed should consider their possibilities because they will need to set up a company and have lived in the country for a specific amount of time to trade and legally pay taxes. Applying for work as an au-pair is another standard option for people with childcare experience looking for jobs in Turkey for foreigners.

Get a Work Permit in Turkey

If you are looking for jobs in Turkey for foreigners and want to know how to work legally in the Turkish Republic, you must apply for a work permit through the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Keep in mind that without a Turkish residency visa, it is against the law for a foreigner to get a Turkish work visa and work in any area of the Turkish economy.

A work permit in Turkey has to be provided by the Company. Your employer must apply to the Ministry of Family, Labour, and Social Services. Foreign nationals who have completed and accepted Turkish work visa applications outside the country must enter within 180 days. You must have at least six months left on your residence permit to apply from within Turkey. Processing timeframes are about 30 days if your application is accurate and accompanied by the necessary papers.

The government introduced a Turkish work visa program called the “Turquoise Card” in 2017. The Turquoise Card program gives highly talented professionals a chance to live and work in Turkey, much like the Green Card Program in the USA. This program is a specialized initiative that only accepts applicants with extraordinary credentials. The following skill sets or qualifications are considered for candidates who want to be cardholders:

People with a level of education, high earnings, professional experience, and contributions to science and technology are all given significant consideration. Also, candidates with a high capacity to make investments in Turkey through export programs and the ability to hire locals stand a good chance of obtaining a Turquoise card. Another possible field of expertise is as an elite performer in the areas of culture, sport, and the arts who has achieved success on a global scale. Finally, people who aid in the international recognition and advancement of Turkey and its culture are given consideration.

The Turquoise Card has several advantages. The first privilege is obtaining a work permit in Turkey for a foreign employee. Secondly, the employee’s family members can be eligible for a residence permit. Turquoise Cards’ owners can work and live anywhere in Turkey.

Social Security for Jobs in Turkey for Foreigners

You must have an employment contract with an employer in Turkey to be covered by the Turkish Social Security System. The Social Security System entitles employees to the following:

  •       Health insurance
  •       Pensions
  •       Disability Allowance
  •       Unemployment support
  •       Sick Leave
  •       Maternity Leave

You have the right to complete social security coverage if you work in Turkey. However, your company (11% of your total compensation) and you, the employee (9% of your gross salary), are required to contribute. To register their staff, employers must apply to the Social Security Institution. Employees are only excluded from making payments if they enter Turkey through sponsorship or contribute to a national security program in their home nation.

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