Introducing Antalya: The Best Place to Live in Turkey

Antalya, a province on the Turkish Riviera, has made a name for itself as one of Turkey’s top tourist destinations and the best place to live in Turkey. The region combines a unique blend of sun, sea, history, and culture, making it a destination many visitors return to and even relocate to. It also boasts beautiful, sandy beaches along the glorious Mediterranean coastline and excellent transport links, which is why many ex-pats consider it one of the best locations in Turkey. At API Investment, we have specific local knowledge of many areas of Turkey and work to serve our clients in finding the perfect place to invest in real estate in Turkey. In this post, we share our knowledge of what makes this city unique and the benefits it offers to citizens who live there permanently.

Why Foreigners think Antalya is the Best Place to Live in Turkey

Many ex-pats consider Antalya to be the best place to live in Turkey. This is because of the relaxed way of life, the beautiful surroundings, the diverse population, and the welcoming atmosphere. Being only ten minutes from the beach and gorgeous turquoise sea also speaks volumes for your welfare. The Mediterranean lifestyle and cost of living are two main factors that make Antalya appealing to foreigners looking to relocate. Compared to nations like the UK, household utility costs are a mere fraction, allowing ex-pats who work remotely or live on pensions to stretch their money farther than before. So, what is it like living in Antalya, Turkey?

Living in Antalya, Turkey

Whether you are a holidaymaker or a global adventurer looking for your next home, Antalya is one of those locations that appear to have it all. A remarkable Old Town, neighboring historic ruins, and impressive scenery are the perfect backdrop for this thriving location on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, which exhibits thousands of years of history.

Beaches and Nature in Antalya

Antalya is a haven for outdoor lovers and has incredible natural spots to explore in summer and winter. There are lovely hiking trails, dazzling waterfalls, and impressive canyons, all set within a beautiful landscape. If historic structures and the countryside don’t appeal to you, the golden sands of Antalya’s pristine beaches probably will. The region is home to some of Turkey’s most impressive coastline, with many beaches awarded blue flag status.

Shopping and Entertainment in Antalya

The historic marketplaces of the old city of Antalya are bustling with activity and provide a wide variety of distinctive goods, including the region’s famous antique handmade carpets. However, there are also upscale malls like Ozdilek Park Mall, next to Ataturk Park and the city’s famed aquarium, a movie theater, a children’s amusement park, and a bowling alley well as international retailers.

Transport in Antalya

Antalya’s popularity among foreign settlers is its accessibility to transportation. The airport in Antalya welcomes thousands of international travelers daily and hundreds of planes. The public transportation system in the city is also handy. Both high-speed trams that can take you anywhere in the town and older vintage trams found mainly in the city’s historical districts are available, as are numerous and frequently running buses.

Climate in Antalya

Living in Antalya, Turkey, means you will benefit from a warmer climate and fewer extreme temperature swings compared to other areas of Turkey, thanks to its location on the Mediterranean shore. It frequently reaches a peak of about 28 C in the summer. In the winter, it rarely falls below 10 C. It’s easy to see why Antalya is considered the best place to live in Turkey. This rich province is worth serious consideration when moving to Turkey.

Ex-pat Community in Antalya, Turkey

One of the largest populations of foreign nationalities residing in Turkey is represented by the ex-pat community living in Antalya, Turkey. The province is the second most popular location for purchasing international real estate after Istanbul. Additionally, it has more accepted residency visas than other expat-friendly regions like Mugla and Aydin. The most significant fact about the Antalya region is that it attracts people from different nationalities. Antalya is a typical international city that draws visitors from all over the globe, including Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Asia, and the United Kingdom. This wonderful blend makes Antalya feel cosmopolitan, where Turkish and European cultures harmoniously coexist, hence the ex-pat vote for Antalya as the best place to live in Turkey.

Cost of Living in Antalya, Turkey

Antalya is in the top 8% of the least expensive cities in the world, and the average cost of living in Antalya in 2022 is 461 dollars. To put it in perspective, Antalya’s cost of living is 43% less than that of London and 12% less than that of Istanbul. In addition, utilities, rent, groceries, healthcare, and entertainment are significantly less expensive than in comparative European locations.

Property for Sale in Antalya, Turkey

After Istanbul, Antalya is regarded as one of the greatest cities for property investment in Turkey and, under some circumstances, is even deemed superior to Istanbul. Antalya has a very high demand for real estate due to its nature as a tourist hot spot, distance from major projects, and the hustle of large cities. As a result, Antalya had long held a top place in Turkey for selling real estate to international buyers. If you are considering living in Antalya, Turkey, you can view our exciting range of properties for sale in Antalya on our dedicated Antalya property page.

Relocate to the Best Place to Live in Turkey with API Investment

API Investment is available to assist if you require a qualified advisor and are planning to relocate to Antalya, Turkey. Our well-established business has Turkish roots, and we can assist you in locating the ideal property to serve as both a fantastic residence and a profitable investment. Our experienced consultants will help you with all the paperwork and advise you on applying for Turkish citizenship by investment or Turkish residency by investmentContact our professional team immediately to make your move to the best place to live in Turkey.

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