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The number of new expats in Turkey is ever-increasing, with young professionals drawn to Istanbul’s vibrant city life and retirees looking to settle on the southwest coast, searching for the sea and sunshine. Even though this is a fantastic place to live with its rich history, breathtaking scenery, excellent climate, and vibrant culture, as foreigners, expats in Turkey occasionally have to navigate bureaucratic procedures and mountains of paperwork.  Fortunately, there is something for everyone looking to learn more about topics related to living in Turkey, whether it be media portals, helplines, Facebook groups, or expat blogs. The resources listed below are some of the best for foreign tourists or expats in Turkey.

Government Helplines for Expats in Turkey 

First and foremost, the Turkish government has established two different telephone helplines for foreigners who have inquiries they would want to have answered in their native tongue or English. The Communication Center for Foreigners, or Yimer in Turkish, is a handy contact line run by the Department of Immigration that may be reached by simply dialing 157 from within Turkey or +90 312 157 11 22 from outside Turkey. Assistance is provided in Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, Persian, and German at this call center, which is open seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. This helpline should be the first port of call for any expat in Turkey with inquiries about traveling to, remaining in, or leaving Turkey and how to apply for a residency visa.

You can reach the Labor and Social Security Communication Center by dialing 170 from Turkey or +90 216 170 1122 from abroad. This center provides information on all issues relating to working and receiving social security benefits in Turkey and also has representatives who can be reached if you need to talk to someone who speaks English. Also, dial the 112 Emergency Call Helpline, which includes many emergency services and will connect you to assistance based on your region if you have any emergency concerns.

Online Support for Expats in Turkey 

Doc Martin’s Surgery for expats in Turkey began as a Facebook group to educate foreigners on Turkish government procedures and has since developed into a blog with 25 distinct themes on a wide range of topics of interest to expats. Martin Redman, a British expat who has lived in Bodrum for almost ten years, started the Facebook group Doc Martin’s Surgery for Foreigners in Turkey to share information about official procedures relevant to expats.

Over 11,000 people have joined since it began in 2014, and Elaine Spencer, a British expat who lives in Alanya, has joined the administration team. Don’t be fooled by the name; it is a humorous parody of the well-known U.K. television character Doc Martin and the idea of resolving the various issues expats in Turkey may encounter. This Facebook group is not designed for the typical small talk that occurs in other expat groups; instead, it is a question-and-answer information site that aims to clarify official procedures involving expats in Turkey. The data obtained has been organized into files covering various topics, including how to apply for an e-visa, receive a work permit and a residency permit, get health insurance, register a mobile phone, buy and sell cars, and get married in Turkey.

Yabangee is an Istanbul website and expat community that hosts events and publishes reviews. The website also includes the guide Your Residence Permit in 13 Easy Steps and a section called Yabangee Essentials devoted to explaining the residence permit procedure. Additionally, a section called Advice & Info has articles on subjects including learning Turkish, getting married in Turkey, and getting a work permit. 

The International Women of Istanbul (IWI) is an excellent community for foreign women to get involved with because it not only hosts a variety of specialized activity groups, like those for mothers and professionals, but it also organizes two charity events: a holiday market and a gala, which have been fantastic for fostering relationships among expats in Turkey.

Inter Nations, a global expat network, has four active branches in Turkey: Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Bodrum. These locations all conduct regular events and member-only activities. However, their local guides, available on their country-specific websites, such as Istanbul at Your Fingertips, offer educational information on expat-related topics and are one of the best methods for expats in Turkey to socialize when adjusting to a new foreign country.

Facebook Groups for Expats in Turkey

It’s a good idea to join a few Facebook groups to get a sense of the expat scene in Turkey. Discover gatherings for expats in Turkey and meet like-minded individuals to converse, exchange ideas, experiences, and – once in a while – frustrations. The list of groups is endless, and you can find support for all of life’s concerns, from local government issues to buying and selling second-hand goods, sharing recipes, or finding places to explore hobbies with like-minded people. You can find both general and location-specific groups, and we have compiled a list of a few favored groups here:

  • Foreigners who live in Turkey
  • Expats in Turkey
  • Foreigners and expats in Antalya
  • Kalkan Living
  • Expats in Bodrum and Bodrum Network
  • Istanbul Expats- Foreigners in Istanbul

The expats behind the informative blog website Slow Travel Guide manage a Facebook page by the same name, which provides a wealth of information, and users are prepared to help by giving suggestions.

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