Now you can get a Turkish Citizenship by Investing into a real estate with the valuation of minimum 250,000 USD

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Foreigners whose purchase of real estate worth 250,000 USD or the equivalent, can obtain Turkish Citizenship!

High Annual Returns

These Real Estate options have higher annual returns than traditional options. As an example, our private managed walnut farmlands come with house, certified planted trees, certified water drillings, electricity, fences, storage etc and returns are over 12% for the first 10 years and over 20% after the year 10.

Exchange Your Property To Get Citizenship

If you already have a existing property where the title deeds has been obtained before the legislation date, we can offer you a property exchange with a value of 250,000 USD. We will make a valuation for your existing property and you will only pay the difference

Ready Title Deeds

All the properties we offer you comes with ready title deeds and right valuations

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