Buying and Ownership Law

Today is very easy to have Foreign People to own a Property in Turkish Territory, and to Transfer Ownership of the Property from the Old Owner to the New Owner, as compared to the limitations and complexities adopted by the EU policies in the present days. Conducting registration of Real Estate to the Foreign Buyer in Turkey is a formal procedure and simple at the land department and cadaster (Tapu ve Kadastro Dairesi) in the city that you are buying from.

Foreign Ownership Law of Real Estate in Turkey

In September of 2012 due to the Economic Crisis suffered by many of the Leading Turkish Construction Companies. Turkish State scrambled to reduce and get out of this Crisis, and then issued the decision to amend the legal material itself by the Turkish Parliament, provides for the granting of the right to own Property for all citizens of the world, to void the principle of reciprocity with the exception of Passports Holders Countries: Armenia, Cuba, North Korea and Nigeria.

Now, Foreigners enjoy the day to own the Real Estate on all the Territory of the Republic of Turkey excluding locations close to all of the Turkish Army barracks neighborhoods, Strategic and Security sites such as Airports and Seaports, Oil and Power Plants or others of Cultural and Religious centers of the Turkish state. And the right to a Foreigner also owns more than one Property in Turkey and on an area of up to a maximum of 30 hectares.

It takes the Property on behalf of the Foreign Buyer registration period ranging between 45 to 60 days, and this is because of the investigation carried out by the Ministry of Defense of the Turkish Military Department in the Capital, Ankara immediately after the request ownership of the Property transfer, to the effect of this investigation is to ensure that the Property is not located in prohibited areas on Foreign ownership, or in areas that may pose a threat to Turkish National Security